About My Self

I started My journey to finance back in the year 2008 when I pursued Master in management studies under Maharashtra university from N.L Dalmia institute. I honed my skills under Prof P.L Arya and Prof Naveen Bhatia.
I developed a unique way to look at financial markets and I use them to make investments and Trading decisions. We provide Various financial services and training programs to contribute to the growth of financial community. I have lent myself to research and development on various finance issues since last eight years.

About OPA Associates

We Provide Investment solutions and Training programs to the institutions and young finance aspirants. As an organisation we want to associate ourselves to the people who want to challenge the existing situations and always labours smartly for the benefits of his own self and society at large. We strive to create a community of Traders/Analyst who understand that market prices and their behaviour are not comprehensible to the human mind but at the same time they acknowledge the wisdom to gain from unknown and unknowable exist and employ it to earn a handsome living.

Why you must choose the Us?

We assure you that you would develop an attitude which enable you to see through the financial models and therefore use them as you wish. Plethora of opportunity awaits whether you wish to pursue entrepreneurship or professional career in finance. Last but not least you will come out as better decision makers.


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