Master In Speculation Program

General Outline and Word of Caution
Trading is a unique profession and not everybody’s cup of tea. Though during your endeavour in this dynamic field you will learn principles to guide you throughout life even in other fields. Our intention is to offer the course to those who aspire to become a trader and ready to give what it takes to be successful. To become a successful speculator requires a special skill set which can be acquired to certain degree. We step in to Educate and Train the individual so he can learn the required skills.

You do not earn money by learning the skills. You earn money by deploying your skills and improving them with time. During my decade long experience in markets I find none who claims to make you implement your skills in the course itself. We will be with you during your live trades and will mentor you in every prospect of trading.

I request you not to compare us with the every Tom- Dick and Harry who you find on every social media claiming to make you trader in three days or three months. We assure you that nothing of this sort is true. It takes years of smart and laborious work to become a trader.

Over the years we have developed a exhaustive material and unique approach which will speed up your learning. We believe that your trading strategy plays a little role in your success. Therefore do not be under impression that we will make you learn some special strategies. Contrary we will work along with you to make your own strategy compatible with you.

The course duration will be minimum two years and We intend to enrol selected few. Selection will be based on specially designed exams and interviews with the client. The model of learning is one similar to internship. Program will be mix of online and physical training at our State of the Art facility In Jaipur.

The first step will be your intention to associate with us. We will let you know further details on one to one basis.
I assure you that you will evolve to recognise yourself during the tenure of our association.

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