Duration: 5 days(30 hours)
Place: Jaipur
Instutions can contact us to provide training at their facility

Technical analysis and its various aspects
Origin of technical analysis
Different types of chart
Support and Resistance
Breakout patterns
Continuation patterns
How to spot divergences
Fibonacci numbers and its application
Japanese Candlesticks and its application
Gaps and its application
Momentum based indicators
What is trend and how to make your trend system?
How to cut your losses and profits run?

Few Advance concepts
How to see charts across different time frames?
How to create your own risk management system?
How to manage bets of portfolio using Kelly method?
How to anticipate big trends and follow them?
Pyramiding and its applications
Fractals and its applications
80:20 principle

Introduction to make your own system
How to make your own system?
How to back test your system?
Psychology, physiology and crowd behaviour
How to becomes less wrong with every trade?
How to harness profits from unknown and unknowable?
Philosophy of Distinguished traders across the world
Price is the real thing



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