Truth is hard to fathom?
Rashomon- Citizen Kane -12 angry men-Judgment at Nuremberg-The Shining-2001:A Space Odyssey-Three colours :Red-Memories of a Murder-Inception-The Game.

Fooled by narratives?
Invisible guest-The Usual Suspect-The Pianist-Nine Queens.

How Emotions rule us?
The Treasure of sierra Madre-Raging bull-Wild tales-Wolf of wall street-The lives of others.

Who are You?
Lawrence of Arabia-Good will hunting-Into the wild-Mr smith goes to Washington-Dead poet society-To kill a mocking bird-The bridge on the river kwai.

What are your motivations?
Rush-Pursuit of happiness-Spellbound-Dead poet society-Dark knight -Dark knight rises.

How to get your work done?
Lincoln-Lawrence of Arabia-Mr. smith goes to Washington-House of cards.

Admire Non Linearity?
Memento-interstellar-The following-Pulp fiction.

On Team Spirit
The longest yard-Band of brothers-TheBridge on the river Kwai.
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